Doll Commission Info

Ever wanted a mini-me for yourself or your favorite or original character?

These handmade custom dolls stand about 6 inches tall and hold a surprising amount of detail, including armor, accessories and props, all lovingly rendered in an adorable chibi style. They make great gifts, too!

(Unfortunately, they are not great for small children, as they often have small pieces or bits that are delicately attached.)

Each doll ships with an adoption certificate, and is protected in a special container.


The examples given below are *rough estimates*; each commissioned doll will have to be quoted individually, taking into consideration level of detail, amount of handwork, materials, and any props.

Shadow and Thalissa from Azyzl’s webcomic Crystal Ball both feature simple fabric clothing with some minor painted details. Shadow would be priced at roughly $40, while Thali’s hand-sculpted Crystal Heart necklace and full fabric boots bring her price up to around $50.

This Larp character has mostly simple clothes, with some pieces painted on. The skirt, apron (with functioning pockets), and bloomers (unseen in this photo) are all removable for potential costume changes. She also has a prop weapon. Altogether, the price on a doll like this would be roughly $60.

Junko features many small fabric details, as well as very delicate painting throughout. A doll at this level would be quoted at roughly $60.

Aqua, shown posing with one of our Wayfinder props, has tiny armor plating on her arms and boots, and carefully knotted sashes at her waist. A doll at this level would be quoted at roughly $80.

This Larp character has an extreme level of detail. Most of her clothes are removable (including a hat, bodice, and cape), and her belt pouch (also removable) holds several tiny rolled bandages for battlefield healing! Her mandolin is hand-sculpted and removable, and so is her star watch necklace. The boots are full fabric (though not removable), and she also features some painted details. With all of her various props, a doll like this would be roughly $90 to $100.

The Process:

  • Let’s Talk: Our first conversation (likely the one during which I linked you this page). We talk things through to make sure you understand the process.
  • Art Reference: I need to know what the character looks like. Preferably multiple angles, with clear images of any small details that need to be included. At this stage I can usually give a very rough cost estimate, though the estimate may change before the formal quote.
  • Design: I sketch the doll and message you the drawing. We may go back and forth on this step for a while, figuring out exactly how things will break down; which details are being included, what parts are going to be painted vs sewn, general plans for materials, color choices, etc. The reason for this is two-fold: to help with the pricing estimate, and to make sure that we’re on the same page with what you can expect on the finished product.
  • Quote: While the final price may change slightly in the end, this is the stage where I can estimate most accurately how much time the doll will take to make, and whether there are any weird or hard-to-get materials that would affect the price.
  • Deposit: I require a non-refundable 50% deposit before I start the physical work on the doll. This is to protect me, and to cover any materials I need to acquire.
  • The Work: I make your doll. While the actual sit-down work may take between 4 and 15 hours, it may be spread out over the course of several days or weeks. Throughout the process, I will send updates so you don’t feel you’ve been left hanging. If there are any parts of the doll that seem iffy as I’m working on it, I will send you photos or questions to keep you involved in the process.
  • The Doll is Done!: I will send you photos of the finished doll to ensure your complete satisfaction! At that point I will need the remainder of the payment (including any shipping charges).
  • Delivery: It is time to ship or deliver your new doll! I hope you two are very happy together!

If you have any questions about any part of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time; we are always happy to answer questions.